Advanced Task Manager to Accelerate Your Android Phone

Advanced Task Manager was produced for android phone to complete tasks, kill processes, stop services from running, allow or disable programs in boot list, remove installed apps and look at system information in one button click to produce space in memory, accelerate your phone and saving battery. Then are very many tasks running in foreground and background, it slows decrease your phone, drains your battery even causes some unpredicted occurrences to produce you a large number of inconvenience. For me lots of android clients have suffered this kind of undesirable situations. So installing Advanced Task Manager (ATM)could be one of the simplest and quickest solutions with this.

ATM provides clients while using abilities to deal with tasks, processes and services that are running in foreground and background. Besides the option to prevent these items from running, furthermore, it gives you more methods, including, finish the selected item or all items having a click, then add selected item to Exclude List, and remove it of Exclude List (whether it’s been put in Exclude List).ATM gives you an option to exclude certain programs the widget cannot finish. Exclude List can be a list for showing all the protected items, which cannot be ended, stopped or easily wiped out if they are put in Exclude List. Consequently, it prevents some accident ended-methods, that might cause some all of a sudden problems. It turns red once it’s put in Exclude List that may help you distinguish from others. Advanced Task Manager also enables you in deciding auto-finish feature. Whenever you activate auto-finish feature, this application ends some items according the mode (namely, safe mode and crazy mode) selected by clients to enhance phone’s available remembrances once your desltop is closed.

For me sometimes you are impatient if the goes too extended to accomplish other methods before the items in boot list finishing start-up. I’ve got a similar experience, too. Because too items within your boost list to slow your phone’s speed. ATM gives you an option to deal with your boot list. It lists all the items that start combined with system, there is a options to allow or forbid the items inside the list. You may decide a postponed time people forbidden items will finish instantly once the postponed time expires following a method is finished start-up.

With Advanced Task Manager, you may also easily uninstall your apps rather uninstalling them by another uninstaller or possibly in Menu. You own an option to uninstall selected items or all items. Nevertheless it enables “uninstall all” as is available to uninstall them individually. This feature also can help you steer obvious from the troubles of accidentally uninstalling all apps.

ATM supplies a apparent and nice summary about system information including, CPU usage, memory usage and Sdcard usage and battery usage.

More features:

1. Advanced Task Manager works instantly once the system starts

2. Its widget shows work from home screen that you ought to easily connect with the applying anytime, read system info and kill all presently running items by simply clicking some control round the right side in the widget.

3. Its icon is proven inside the Statue Bar

4. To look the help Box or else.

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