Check These Fast Facts About Quickbooks Online

Businesses are now looking for ways to virtualization, working on cloud systems and software packages that make tasks easier. Thankfully, as the technologies develop, there are quite a few choices, and if you are looking for accounting solutions, quickbooks cloud hosting is one of the best options out there. This post will tell you about the pros and cons of QuickBooks Online at a glance. quickbooks online vs desktop

Pros worth knowing

One of the main benefits is the cost effective packages, which can customized for needs of the client. QuickBooks Online is compatible for iPhone, iPad and Android and keeps automated backup for everything. Accessing files and information is also easier than ever, as all you need is access to a desktop or laptop and internet. Also, multiple users can use the system and get simultaneous access to data, and you can also automate email reports & customer billing. If you are concerned over security, you can keep a check on activity log and track locations. Since the packages are monthly, one can decide on the course of the service.

The flip side

If you check online, you will find a lot of information on quickbooks online vs desktop. Basically, QuickBooks Online allows easy access to data and information, but at the same time, the regular updates can change the system, which would require a user to re-learn and re-teach procedures. As compared to QB Desktop, the features are curtained, and there are a few issues with inventory tracking, as well.


For those looking for basic bookkeeping options, the desktop version may seem like a better option. There are also restrictions with regards to report customization, and there is no feature for QB bill pay. The number of graphs & reports are also limited as compared to QB Desktop.