Power Resistor Components In Power Programs

Power resistor components are utilized in a multitude of power programs to safeguard sensitive electronic components. As thick film technology offers high thermal conductivity, a strong construction, relatively low tooling and piece part costs, and density in comparison to many other resistor types it’s frequently we’ve got the technology of first choice.

The primary power resistor programs in power supplies are outlined below:

• Balancing resistor

• High current divider

• Snubber circuit

• Inrush current suppression

All these programs and the best option of resistor are talked about below

Balancing Resistor

It’s frequently essential to use parallel resistors within the power output stage to handle high load power, increase reliability and lower thermal stresses. Because of variability in transistor manufacture and thermal issues the VBE of every transistor within the parallel arrangement might be different. Consequently balancing resistors are utilized within the emitter type of each paralleled transistor to provide a suitable current drop and balancing effect. The resistors are usually low value but high current.

High Current Divider

High current partitioning are typical in power supplies for regulation and charge of our prime current rail. The current is usually scaly lower and given back utilizing a tap point between two resistors. Matched up pair resistors are frequently accustomed to minimise TCR effects. A minimal resistor tolerance value can also be needed to avoid current errors.

Snubber Circuit

Snubber circuits are utilized to remove spikes around the rising and falling edges of square waves during power turn on and limit current surge. Typically, a resistor is connected in series having a capacitor across a switch. Snubber circuit design involves compromises including current rate, peak current, switch off some time and component cost. In some instances paper design isn’t sufficient and experimentation is needed to offer the optimum result. Selecting the right power resistor can compromise the capacitor choice and visa versa.

Inrush Current Suppression

A resistor within the primary supply line limits the inrush current at turn on. The resistor must have the ability to withstand over 20x the nominal current generally for approximately 10ms. The resistors generally have a minimal resistance value to limit current drop although tolerance isn’t generally a problem.

Thick film power resistor components are thus a great option for most programs. We’ve got the technology delivers an array of resistor values, tolerances, power ratings and footprints to fulfill the requirements of most power programs.

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