SEO is Even More Essential to Companies in 2016

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of an online marketing campaign. Although the majority of businesses concentrate on online advertising’s social selling aspect, the fact is a well-built site following current SEO guidelines will get your brand noticed.

Benefits of SEO to your Business

  • Obtain more site traffic- With social selling, your site can get a lot of traffic, using the right social media marketing campaign. In order to maximize your site traffic and obtain a steady and highly-targeted audience who will make a purchase, optimize your website page around the right keywords. With this, your page will range better in search results for such keywords increasing the possibility that internet users will come across your site if they need your service or product.
  • Increase brand association- It is important to have people associating your business with the right keywords. Even if you don’t get the first rank on Google for you keyword, having you site popping up in search results can already help people remember you. A better SEO helps you see more frequently.

  • Bury your Competitors- Although social media and content marketing can help your site get a steady stream of traffic, a site that is properly optimized can bring in more customers. To prevent your customers from shopping with your competitors, strive hard to outrank them on search engines. You can do this by following the most current SEO guidelines and creating plenty of new and quality content.

However, Why is SEO More Important Now than Before

There are some reasons why concentrating on organic search engine optimization can give you benefits.

  • Google eliminates right side ads from results-Today, AdWords are even more competitive and will continuously increase while businesses compete for a smaller pool of ad space.
  • Snack Pack is changing-Your business cannot just show up in the maps section or Snack pack just because you are situated in a target area for a certain search. The search engine giant is trying to become more of a directory for service- and local-based businesses.

  • Organic results gained 30 percent more traffic than ads-Why is this essential? While the cost per click increases of the more competitive advertising landscape, a business which concentrates only on ads will have to pay even more to get just a 10 percent share of the total traffic of the search term.

SEO is Alive

Many opinions and information floating around claim that SEO is dead and is not the way to grow a business anymore. But, SEO remains a strategy that gets your brand in front of many targeted, ready to purchase customers every day.

Is the SEO of your Company Health Enough?

When you are not sure about how the SEO of your company is doing, consider a checkup right away. When your site is not properly set up to get indexed in Google for related search terms, you are losing the fight to your competition. So pick one of the best search engine optimization agencies available today and have a healthy SEO.