Steps to Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation

Over 75% of today’s consumers research companies online before doing business with them.  Some consumers might have never heard of your company and find it on line through a search. Other prospective customers may have been given your company’s name as a referral from a friend, family member or other business. Either way, consumers place tremendous value on what they read online about your business.  Follow these steps from the professionals to establish the online reputation you’ve earned.  In order to get a great reputation, your company actually has to have outstanding product and service. This has to be earned. Consumers are very discriminating today and don’t lavish undue praise.

There are several methods to proactively solicit reviews from your clients and customers. Develop a point of sale display.  Use a Groupon coupon and head to K-Mart for basic office supplies. At the check-out counter or cash register, leave one of your company’s business cards with a QR Code. Consumers can snap this with their smartphones and it will link them directly with a website where they can leave a review on the experience they had with your company. The staff at checkout will need to be trained to prompt customers to take this step.

During your initial point of contact with a customer, request their email address. Treat this as if it were gold. No spamming or junk emails allowed.  After the customer has received your product or service, send a thank you follow up email and use that opportunity to embed a link for them to write a review. Ask them nicely and thank them. If their experience was less than satisfactory, have them contact you, the owner, directly before posting a review.

A five star online review is a proven way to secure new customers and should be a critical component of your sale and marketing strategy. Good luck to you as you grow your business.